Kingdom Life Directions

Life mentoring is what we do best!

About Us

Kingdom Life Directions is a ministry that embarks on a mentoring journey with you. We strongly believe in the restoration process of life through the mentoring journey; helping people to discover their real potential in every aspect of their lives in the areas of psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual health.

We hold quality of health and life to high regard because when we have the balance of health, we in turn have life of abundance. With these we can explore greater aspect of life around us. We deeply believe one of the many keys to success in life is sustaining health in areas of–psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual. Simply because success and motivation derives from within oneself. We might get inspirations elsewhere but more often than not, inspirations doesn’t sustain one’s grit to understand their own impacts or accomplishments. We strongly believe that everyone has this self-drive ability to reach their full potential, one needs to rediscover the path of health in life.

Another huge area which we have passionate in, is in life planning and organising. Understanding and implementing the process of planning, organising and simplifying our lifestyle, saves us time and resources. These areas of our expertise can easily be applied to individuals, families and even corporate bodies.

As mentors, one of our goals is to teach and equip you and/or your family to obtain the path to health and life on your own so that you do not need to depend on external factors. Our mentoring success is directly tied to your progress. We gain a greater sense of purpose and joy knowing and witnessing one’s life blossom.