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Lessons from Caleb #4.3

Friday Youth Mentoring is a time to not only discover oneself and mature as an individual in a safe environment but also a time to understand your place in the world and where you would succeed in. During this session, we began to discuss the talents that we have. What made this discovery inspiring was understanding that our ability is what made us unique from each other. This distinctiveness grants an individual the ability to succeed in that career field, and often this ability that we have should be well balanced in our life. This balance is between doing what you love (equivalent to your talent) and the financial factor. Both extremes will result in unhappiness- ironically, in towards one extreme to the other. One case of this would be the pleasure in what you do on a daily basis while suffering financially. Mirroring to the other end, it would just be a bursting wallet while paying to fix and fill a broken heart. There was more to this session than said, though this was what truly impacted me the most.