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Lessons from Caleb #5

Caleb explained to me the importance of time in the growth process and how Jesus was 30 years of age before he started his ministry. How seeking signs and wonders doesn’t necessarily promote growth of faith and how the Israelites of Moses’ time saw more miracles than any other generation yet could still not grow out of the slavery mindset.

Caleb explained to me the process of spiritual growth and how it parallels to physical, intellectual and emotional growth; after being born again the new Christian needs nurturing, the pure milk of the word and to know they are loved. Then a process of repentance to realign their soul with sonship and then mature and take responsibilities and become like a parent. The process is also like a tree where it is planted in love, nurtured by the Father, as it grows is pruned and when mature bears fruit.

Caleb also explained to me the four areas of spiritual formation; character, values, vision, and ministry. Also told me how God constantly tests our character. He told me about how he came to Australia from Malaysia and how God prompted him to move but also gave him freedom to choose a destination. How he needed to be in faith for God to come through.

We played couple of games of checkers; the purpose was to teach me how God sees our lives and manipulates our circumstance for our good and how if we make a mistake he still has opportunity to fix it and move us into our right mind and destiny at our free will. We are limited by time on Earth but God is not. The principles of checkers also apply to prophecy, how in the natural we only see the checker board at static moments in time, but in the spiritual, like in our imagination we can envisage what the opponent will do several moves ahead and plan our game to suit.

One thing Caleb talked about that was really important and stuck with me was that of character to follow God even when the people around you who you respect have a different opinion. To be fully set to what God says and obey that only.