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Lessons from Caleb #6

In this mentoring session Caleb recapped the four areas of spiritual formation which are Character/Freewill, Values (how Gods and ours need to be in alignment), Vision, and Ministry. He tested me a little bit on what I had remembered from the last session to ascertain how much I was learning and how to teach in this session.

We talked about the little prophetic experiences we had in the last couple of weeks. A couple of times I had little hints of what the person I was with was going to say before they said it. This makes me realise how true it is when Jesus said if you seek me in secret I will reveal myself in the open.

He taught us the importance of daily prayer, daily word, daily worship and daily renewal of first love. These should be part of who we are. Personally these things he is teaching are becoming less of a chore and are becoming part of who I am and are enjoyable and are what I am hungry with.

He was telling us how reading is like a detox for the brain and it filters out worry. It is like fertilising the brain with truth, or reprogramming bad thoughts. He told us about how he was disciplining himself to start writing a couple of pages each day to record his thoughts and told us how it brought clarity to his thought process.

Thoughts are also clarified when reading aloud.


Caleb also told us about how he has made a habit of doing a 1% thing each day, which means not trying to conquer the whole world every day but doing at least something small for the kingdom each day like having compassion for a stranger or spending time with someone. Each percent for Christ is multiplied in return.

Caleb told us about his experiences fasting and the process that goes in to it. How the reason for fasting is inspired by God, and there are goals before going in to fasting.

Everything in life needs to be in accordance with God’s will, like how Jesus said in the gospel of John that he only does what he sees the father doing.


At the end of the session Caleb prayed for my brother and had a word of knowledge and vision about things in his past and about his character as a small child, he prophesied a restoration of joy and courage. I also had a small prophetic picture while he was praying.