Kingdom Life Directions

Life mentoring is what we do best!

Our Mentors

Caleb and Debbie are passionate in raising families into dynasties. They have been serving in the ministry for the past 20 years and are currently living in Melbourne with their three teenage children; Caylie, Dylan and Dayson.
Caleb is also a Wushu (Kung Fu) master trained in Malaysia and he was also the Malaysian gold medalist for the Daoshu 刀术 (Broadsword) and bronze medalist for the Chángquán 長拳 (Northern Long Fist). He believes in redeeming Wushu for Christ and he uses it in the prophetic, prayer and intercession and worship. Caleb started his ministry in 1998 as the Head of Dance Ministry which grew and evolved into a Performing Arts Ministry. He has served in roles as Youth Pastor, Worship Ministry Pastor, Prayer Ministry Pastor and then a Local Church Pastor. Caleb is also a lecturer at the School of Christian Ministries, Malaysia. Caleb also runs his own business as a web and graphic designer.

Today, he carries in his heart, a message to restore and transform individual lives and families. His dream and vision is to see dynasties get built through families so as to administer God’s Kingdom to impact and transform cultures, societies, cities and nations.

Debbie loves to mentor others in living a wholesome and fulfilling life by equipping her mentees with planning and organizing skills. As the saying goes, “if you have not planned, you have already planned to fail.” Debbie teaches how one can optimize their time to be efficient and how one can learn to live a productive life by undertaking a process of decluttering to organize their homes, their schedules and their minds. She loves to demonstrate and share the keys to keep things simple yet significant.

Combining motherhood with ministry responsibilities, Debbie homeschooled her 3 children for 10 years while also managing other roles as an educator. She was a lecturer and the Registrar of The School of Christian Ministries, Malaysia for four years; and also served two years as being the Dean of Student for GROW College, Melbourne. Her administrative and teaching gifts is a perfect match in the area of mentoring students, as well as mums who desire to improve and upgrade their homes. Debbie started her ministry at the age of 13 as a teacher in the Children’s Ministry and later became the Children’s Ministry Pastor in 1996. She was also the Head of the Welcome Department, the Youth Pastor, the Family Ministry Pastor and a Pre-Marital Counsellor.

As a team, Caleb and Debbie have been ordained as pastors over a local church and also Regional Pastors overseeing a number of churches across Malaysia. They both have their Masters in Ministry from Promise Christian University, California USA and from the School of Christian Ministries, Malaysia. Caleb is now pursuing his doctoral degree with Promise Christian University, California USA.