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Planning for an efficient week

I live a busy life and having a plan helps me to prepare better for the week ahead. Planning and preparing earlier reduces stress and anxiety of not knowing what to do or expect for the week. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Fix a day and time of the week for planning: I like to plan on a Thursday but I know most people like to plan on the weekend. I choose Thursdays because apart from my busy weekends, this is when I do my meal planning and on Fridays I shop my weekly groceries.
  2. Meal planning: A healthy body starts with a healthy diet. In our family, our 3 children are now teenagers, and eating right will aid in developing their growth spurts. Having this in mind, I list down healthy lunch and dinner meals for the week. Through my meal plan, I am able to write my groceries list. I like to incorporate my meal plan into my weekly calendar but I’ve designed a chart for those who prefer to view it separately. Click the link below.
    Free printable of the Weekly Meal Planning Chart.
  3. Calendar: I mark down any appointments, birthdays or special events and deadlines for payments or any other important reminders or tasks for a specific day. Example: to return library books on Tuesday. I also keep things simple by allocating the same task on the same day every week. For example, every Thursday is my week planning day and every Friday, I shop my groceries and do my ‘meal prep’ for the coming week.
  4. To do list: There is so much I would love to do, but I need to prioritize what’s urgent and important to me. I list my priorities for the week and then allocate day and time for important or urgent tasks as I would normally do for an appointment as this will ensure that I will have time to get the job done. By having a birds eye view of the week, I am able to find the best time to schedule in to complete these tasks. For other tasks that are not urgent, I would keep it on my list and have it done when I have time. If not, these tasks get rewritten on next week’s To Do List.
  5. The weather: Here in Melbourne, the weather changes daily. This affects my laundry routine (as I prefer to dry my linens and towels in the sun) and our outdoor activities. I check the weather app and I mark the days that are sunny for my laundry and our outings.

I’m now set and ready for a productive week starting tomorrow, Friday which is my Groceries and Meal Prepping day. More info on that coming up next..