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Encountering angels

I watched yr YouTube link ( Interesting story indeed. Reminded me of the time when I was still studying in Australia and my family visited me and we went on a tour to New Zealand. It was winter season and was snowing. I couldn’t distinguish road from grass or drain and our rented car ended up in the ditch. After an hour trying to get the car out and failed we started to panic because the sky was getting dark and snowing heavier. Also we were in the middle of no where. No houses, no petrol stations in sight, just empty land for miles and miles and a mountain beside.

Then suddenly 2 huge guys appeared, walking down the mountain and were so kind to offer help. They by themselves carried the car out of the ditch! Then quietly walked out into the empty land away from the car. We were shocked but very grateful and as we drove slowly away they disappeared.

We were certain they were angels. And saved our lives. Amazing encounter I will never ever forget. #Joshua Sim