Kingdom Life Directions

Life mentoring is what we do best!

Caryn N.

I always thought of mentoring being a draggy, boring and long-drawn exercise, listening to a “guru” lecture/nag me on an uninteresting topic; in a nutshell, something I didn’t look forward to! However, with Debbie and Caleb, I began to feel myself yearning to have more life coaching and mentoring sessions… once a week just wasn’t enough!

I’ve been taught so much and I’m thirsty for more! Their style of taking it slow and steady, at a pace suitable to their mentees’ lives and commitments works so well for me. This is not your average “rah, rah, rah… let’s do it” kinda life coaching program but a “let’s give a go, if it’s not working, we’ll tweak the plan and take another shot” approach.

After the first session, you’ll be wondering “why didn’t I start sooner?”

Thanks, Debbie and Caleb, for preparing and equipping us on our walk with the Lord. It has been an adventure, but we had you guys guiding us along the way, so thank you and may blessings upon blessings be upon your family.