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3 keys to effective learning

#1: Be a connector

Whether in term of reading or attending a conference, it is important to connect with the person whom you are learning from. If it’s through a book, then go an extra mile by researching about the author via internet or YouTube. To learn more also means to connect with the author’s ideas, concepts and intentions of doing things.

If you are attending a conference, learn to connect with those speakers and candidates. In the business world, networking is so important because people whom you connect with could act as a gatekeeper to another world. It’s all about relationships. When you connect well with others, you could be liked or favoured by them. You would be surprised if these people can potentially bring you into the world which you desired or couldn’t imagine going at all.

#2: Be an executor

It’s okay to take notes when you read or listen to speakers in the conference, but it is better and more effective when you execute those lessons and tips/ideas. The difference between those who have pages of notes taken compared to those who execute them is, the former has obtained a degree of theory and knowledge while the latter, is entering into applying and gaining experience.

Theory stays in the mind realm but when you execute those theories, they immediately turn into actions which would produce results. Results often come with a degree of understanding and wisdom.

#3: Be a modifier

There’s nothing new under the sun. Even the world-changing technology, such as personal computers, was modified or gradually evolved from a mixture of other technologies; such as the television and typewriter.

It is important to stay creative because it helps to bring up the new from the old. This world and society has evolved and is still evolving up to today. Without the modifiers, our automobiles, air transportation and architectural design, we would remain in the Stone Age. Today’s sciences are venturing into Mars because these groups of modifiers dare to venture into the unknowns.

When you read or listen to speakers, aim to bring improvements to these lessons. Humans; we learn from each other and through this way, we constantly bring forth new ideas, concepts and thoughts to improve our world.

When you read a book, ask yourself, “How could I produce better and more effective results from this lesson?” When you attend a conference, as yourself, “How could I improve the way they organize the conference?” There may be a lot more areas where you could improve from others. Therefore, stay humble and remain creative so that you could be a better modifier.