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One convincing idea

An idea, everyone’s got at least one. With the internet and the overload of knowledge, ideas are everywhere, and it spreads like mushrooms in the wild.

An Idea, some claim it to be a life-changing element; however, many who has it had never experienced a life-changing moment in their lifetime. Only a minority among the 7.6 billion (as of May 2018), has had their lives changed. This is one interesting fact, and as I put longer thought into this, I figured a few reasons.

Reason #1: Many ideas but no one is convincing enough

You may have heard the testimonies of those who had a near-death experience. After escaping death, they begin to view life differently. That near-death experience did something so deep inside them and had caused a lightbulb switched on. The experience of death convicted their inner being; it probably had awakened the sleeping giant. As a result, they made up their mind to live life differently. Thus, they determined to do something not just for themselves; but for the world (or at least their own world).

Similarly, ideas are supposed to be a life-changing element, but if these ideas don’t convince or bring an awakening within you, they remain as an ideal. By the way, “Ideal” means a conception of something in its perfection. It is a concept or standard of perfection, existing merely as an image in mind, or based on a person or upon conduct. (

We are fully aware (at least some of us are) that ideal is nothing short of a fictional reality. It can be as real as in mind, but it cannot move you forward a single inch. Not until you engage it in a useful way. Unfortunately, 90% to 93% of the world population is caught up in this ideal world. The rest (10% to 7%) could translate their ideal into a concrete idea with clear action plans and strategy. This minority of people were and are convinced by the idea. This is all you need for a life-changing experience.

You just need one convincing idea to change your own life. #calebaarontan

So how many such ideas do you need for a life-changing experience? My answer to this question is, one convincing idea. That is all you need. Just one idea which you are 101% convinced in.

Reason #2: Not able to think deeply about your own life

The second reason to why there are many ideas but of no effect to a life-changing experience is the lack of ability to think deep for your own life. Today’s fast-paced world is slowing down creativity. In a short and simple explanation, our minds are overly stimulated due to high-intensity gaming, video entertainment, and limitless different sources of information. Thus, the side effect leads us to, what I call, a “lazy brain disease”. Our mind, due to overly stimulated is now needing external sources to stimulate creativity. By leaving it alone, our mind can literally shut down or in go into sleep mode.

Battling with this “lazy brain disease”, we are no longer practising creative thinking. Putting aside deep thought, a conviction of the heart requires deep and creative thinking skill/habit. Conviction means a fixed or firm belief. ( A conviction can be developed when we continually think about the same idea carefully. Investing quantity and quality time reviewing, reflecting, studying and meditating on it. There is no shortcut to developing conviction because the information we gathered through all of the above when it is comprehended, it will give us deeper insight (or revelation). The more we understand a subject, the more we would dwell on it. This is when the root of a single, well thought through idea begins to grow deeper into our belief system. It is like a seed germinating in the earth with its young roots penetrating and grabbing the soil.

Developing a conviction could be a long process. It can’t be rushed, and there is no shortcut. There is no definite time, and you can’t give a deadline for it. You just need to be faithful and be patient, allowing the seed thought to find its way into your very soul into your subconscious. A good habit to cultivate creative and good thought is by praying in the Spirit (or praying in tongues) daily for a duration of 7 minutes. Do this every day for 63 days, and you should experience a supernatural phenomenon halfway through this.

Reason #3: Running away from yourself

The third reason as to why many ideas but of no transformational experience is, self-denial or self-rejection. Many people living in life denying the fact that, they are a special edition. We tend to reject our own capability; strength but holding on to weaknesses and other’s point-of-view and opinions about us. We (intentionally or unintentionally) pay more attention to what people got to say about us than what God is saying about us. Other people’s opinion is far greater than the inner voice of which we grew up with. Who else could know you better besides God and yourself? So, why do we keep putting other’s opinion over the truth and promises of God upon us?

My advice to you is, stop running away from yourself. Stop denying yourself and self-rejection. As long as we keep running away from oneself, we can never find grounding within. It is like a big ship having multiple anchors but in the midst of a storm, refuses to activate these anchors to stabilise it. A conviction can never be found within us when there is storm after storms in our heart and mind. A storm could potentially root out an entire tree, and so, if these storms never cease inside of you, they will eventually root out every idea, especially the good ones.

I strongly encourage you to start to accept yourself. Embrace everything which God has given you. Learn to find peace within you so that these seed thoughts could settle within your heart and mind and germinate day-by-day.

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